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Web Frontend Developer

Web Fronted Developer

Typescript, React.js, MobX and Sass.

You should apply if you:
- Are a student or graduated with B.S. degree in computer science, similar career or equivalent practical experience.
- Have two years or more of experience as a software developer.
- Have deep familiarity and experience with the technologies required for each position and Git.
- Are fluent in English at a technical and conversational level.

You will be:
- Working as part of a cross-functional team.
- Maintaining a large and robust codebase. This includes bug-fixing implementing improvements, optimizations and new features.

We offer:
- The opportunity to learn from exceptional peers.
- A steady stream of challenging work.
- The opportunity to advance in your chosen professional career path
- Flexible hybrid schedule.
- A competitive salary with benefits required by law and additional.